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Recognized system integrator RcSI Rockwell Automation India


We started off by establishing “Control Systems Engineers” in the year 1996 with an objective to manufacture custom-made Electrical and Instrumentation Control Panels for diverse industries. We observed tremendous growth in our business, especially in the renewable energy sector and continuing to move forward, “CSE Panels Private Limited” was incorporated in 2006 with a focus on catering to our customers for the wind energy.

22+ years of experience catering to various customer requirements of diverse industries, we are proud to have achieved great knowledge and fine workmanship in the manufacturing of E&I Control Panels. As a part of our quest to continually grow ourselves and to be a part of an ever-changing industry, we have diversified ourselves to Industrial Automation and Control.

We intend to serve our customers not just by manufacturing control panels, but also by integrating industrial automation systems. With this objective, in 2019 we have renamed our company from CSE Panels Private Limited was renamed to CSE Solutions Private Limited.

We have also partnered up with Rockwell Automation-the largest company in the world dedicated to Industrial Automation and are now Recognized System Integrators of Rockwell Automation. CSE Solutions Private Limited along with Rockwell Automation make the commitment to deliver the highest technical solution to our customers, both in India as well as in the APAC region.