Detail Engineering - Motor Control Centers - PCC Panels
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Detail Engineering

CSE Solutions provides detail engineering services for the full array of electrical, instrumentation and control systems.

Our detail engineering services include:

  • Creating Single Line Diagrams.
  • Generating Bill of Materials (BOM).
  • Designing control panel’s internal as well as external General Arrangement Schematics.
  • Composing wiring schematics (with terminal details) of electrical and Instrumentation control panels.
  • Designing Control System Architecture for centralized and distributed networks.
  • Creating I/O list based of P&ID diagrams and electrical load list.
  • Contriving Function Logic Diagram based on control philosophy as per ISA-5.2-1976 (R1992) standards.
  • Formulating Logic Flow Chart based on function design specifications.
  • Programming the control logic for PLC/DCS control systems as per IEC 61131-3 languages.
  • Developing high-performance graphics for the visualization of systems as per ISA 101 standards.
  • Preparing cable schedules and instrumentation loop diagrams.

Detail Engineering Services of Control Systems